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Ohio, OH

eNLC: Yes
Walk-Through: No
Temp License: Yes
Nursys: Yes
BON website
P: (614) 466-3947



Endorsement Application: $75.00

Temporary Permit: No extra charge


Permanent License

At least 45 business days

Temporary License

Approximately 1-2 weeks upon receipt of all required materials.


  • Renewal cadence: Renewal opens on July 1st-September 15. Late fees will be incurred by nurses who do not complete renewal by September 16.
  • Renewal fee: $65. Late renewals will incur an additional fee of $50.
  • Required contact hours: No continuing education hours required
  • The final deadline for renewal is October 31. If you do not renew your license during the renewal period, your license will lapse. If you wish to practice in Ohio, you will be required to apply for reinstatement.

Important Things to Know

  • All fees must be paid using debit or credit card (American Express not accepted). There is a $3.50 processing fee for all card payments.
  • You can check the status of your application in the eLicense portal dashboard. A status of “pending” or “generate fee” means that additional items are needed before processing.

Licensure by Endorsement


Permanent License

  1. Submit an application online and pay the fee.
  2. Request verification of licensure via Nursys from your original state of licensure and the state where you are currently employed. If these states do not participate in Nursys, you will need to contact that state’s BON and request verification be sent to the Ohio BON via
  3. Request official transcripts from your pre-license nursing education program to be sent to the Board.
  4. Provide evidence of completion of 2 continuing education hours from this list of acceptable courses.
  5. Complete a criminal background check with fingerprints. Instructions for completing the background check can be found here.

Temporary License

  1. Temporary permits are valid for 6 months and are nonrenewable.
  2. Once all items have been received by the BON except the results of your background check, you may be issued a provisional license.
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