Job Details

Position : Job Opening: Sr. Innovation Architect

Sr. Innovation Architect
Pittsburgh PA – Remote to Start

[Multiple Programming Languages, Cloud-Based Infrastructure, Agile-based Applications Methodologies]

Exposure to emerging technologies are absolutely needed. He is not seeing much of these in resumes. Examples of technologies:

  • Machine learning (Applying it)
  • Block chain
  • Encryption homomorphic
  • IoT (understand the enterprise deployment, how it fits into the enterprise overall- not on a device level focused)
  • Quantum
  • Recent security technologies

Why these “Emerging Technologies” is so important

  • This role can create a high frustration level. If someone who knows specific technologies, that maybe do not see frequent updates, they are basically doing everything by a map in their mind. With emerging technologies, things will change frequently and they need to experiment to respond to a solution to execute it.


  • He is seeing either someone who has a really strong background in solution architecture, but lacks the hands-on experience or find someone who has only taken courses of all these technologies, but does not have the proper amount of years of experience and would have difficulty to take on the responsibilities the team needs help with
  • The other side is he is seeing someone with great hands-on experience, but are missing out on working with emerging technologies

Places to look for

  • The HM heard a rumor that a company that is moving to bakery square has a lot of employees that might be leaving due to the move (I looked it up, and the only one I could find was Walnut Capital). There are employees there that he knows might be a good fit for this role.

Updated Supplier Call 12/7

Mark on resume or in summary for beeline where the candidate wants to sit or if they want to be remote

Types of resumes the manager has been receiving and would like to stay away from:

  • They have no hands-on experience. Just being a research or scientist is not needed. This position they will need to be a practitioner with the experience to take the concept and start building and producing the work and can deliver the applications or solution
  • Someone that is only in it to publish an article/white paper
  • Only have a deep dive in just one specific area. Either its DevOps, Configuration Developer or Administrator.

Day to Day:

  • 20% Design, leading the team, understanding the enterprise
    • Team of engineers and developers. Most of these projects in the labs are all new and emerging technologies. This resource needs to learn new technology and be able to help with any bumps in the roads the development teams in the labs. Also working on incubation projects that need a good resource who has worked with complex coding to know how to lead the engineers or can jump in and code themselves.
  • 20%-30% is Development
    • Someone that has the core technologies he is looking for- Java for development, Spring, DevOps (can be Python). There is a lot of complex development in the framework and critical components to transfer funds, structured calculations. This is more advanced than a standard developer.
  • 40% is Architect
    • Application/ software architect - going down into the application level, what are the key components that need to be integrated with? Scalability, availability need to be considered.

Development skillsets that are okay for a candidate to have

  • Java (best case scenario) with Spring Framework
  • C#
  • Python (used to calibrate data)
  • Go

Focus on someone with prior experience working in house at an enterprise company

  • They know how to prove, how to apply, and when a proposal makes sense
  • Has experience with DevOps, NoOps (newer about 3 years old, removing the human factor of DevOps), AIOps (predict whether applications will fail), Machine Learning
  • Previously was an Application Engineer Manager of some sort – knows how to deliver a quick and correct solution

Cloud technologies

  • Currently using Cloud Solutions. The resource needs to incorporate the knowledge and how we can apply the technologies and solutions for PNC.
  • Azure would be a plus.
  • Need general/ good understanding of AWS/ Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Currently do have hands on team members with Cloud, this person would be in addition to those members.

This team will partner with different departments in PNC.

  • Retail, DevOps, Security, Mortgage, etc

Their day to day work is they look at the emerging technology to help solve today issues and also help the bank look ahead at opportunities to upgrade the various technology they are using

  • They create a road map for these teams with this new technology. They go through the states of development, Implementation, Incubation for the lines of the business, take it and put it into full production, etc
  • They need to provide depth information about these technologies and why they would recommend this over others
  • Analytical skills is a huge portion due to needing to confidently explain their recommendations

Highly technical people working on this team

  • Working on someone who can help them from the architect perspective.
  • Not just only drawing diagrams but execute into the actual prototype or put into application

Top Skills

  • Software Engineering/Development
  • Cloud Background
  • Experience with Security
  • Ideally someone with experience with start-up companies is a great area to look at over a previous financial background

Top 3 Soft Skills:

  1. Previous experience with emerging technologies – they need to look into new areas. There are not many examples or research. They will create new questions, new answers, new information. They need to talk to high up executives’ multiple times a week. They need to not become frustrated after learning new facts if they need to change directions. Traditionally development everyone knows everything up front, this is totally different. It is a tough skill to have.
  2. Learning new technology very quickly. This job requires a lot of deep dive into new technology. They need to full test it out and learn it ASAP to be able to provide necessary training and information. This is challenging for someone who just reads the paper and draws the conclusion.
  3. Do the work and communicate as a team. They supplement each other in many cases. They need to be collaborative. Not everyone knows everything, but working at a team and pulling their minds together is the crucial way that this team works and succeeds.


  • Things can change when new policies happen, by the team is located in Pittsburgh, PA so please provide the expectation to the candidate that they may need to relocate at some point.
  • The manager is open to 100% remote candidates, but this is something that the candidate would need to prove while working that they are able to do so without any issues.

Top must-have skills / Candidate Requirements:

  • Must have hands-on development and delivery experience with multiple programming languages, primarily Java and with working knowledge of others including Go, C/C++/C#, JavaScript, Angular, Node, Python
  • Must have cloud-based infrastructure and architecture solutions, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Expertise with modern, Agile-based application development methodologies and emerging technologies like microservices, API management, web-scale architectures, DevOps engineering, container-based delivery, cloud automation, TDD, BDD, continuous integration (CI), and CD.
  • Experience in collaborating and working alongside executive-level and senior-level partner stakeholders
  • Proven success facilitating software design and ideation sessions
  • Demonstrated understanding of relational and NoSQL database models, and "big data" analysis tools and techniques
  • Working knowledge of Blockchain-based technologies, business applications, languages, and design patterns