Job Details

Position : ETL Quality Engineer (Independent Contractors Only)

ETL Quality Engineer
Pittsburgh – Will Start Remote

[ETL, Hadoop, SQL, Automation (Python), Karate/ Cucumber/ Selenium, Java, Machine Learning, AI]

The work is primarily done within the retail space

  • The focus is specifically the retail data engineering and focused on ETL
  • A lot of ETL coming in from mainframe into Hadoop data sources, and then Hadoop again from an ETL perspective as these crews build out additional data stories that will be used by this application.
  • They need to make sure that those transformations have occurred successfully as the requirements come in. In some cases, there are applications that are consuming the transformations they need to make sure that the application is working correctly so there is a focus on automation
    • A lot of this is done in SQL, some of it is done using python, and as you get into the application side of things it will be java, selenium, testNG, cucumber, and karate


  • The manager is okay for remote during the duration of their contract. This is even when policies are place/the pandemic is over
  • They will need to start working onsite at whatever location is available to them whenever they are converted to a FTE.

Top Must-Have Skills / Candidate Requirements:

  • ETL
  • Hadoop
  • SQL
  • Automation (Python)
  • Karate/ Cucumber/ Selenium - Familiar
  • Java
  • Machine Learning- nice to have
  • AI- nice to have
  • Analysis
  • Drive remediation/ fixes