Job Details

Position : Genesys Call Routing Developer

Genesys Call Routing Developer

Top Must-Have Skills / Candidate Requirements:

  • Call Routing strategy development using Composer and JavaScript
  • Java development, including RESTful web services
  • Genesys tooling experience including:
    • Genesys Administrator, GAX, Pulse, Configuration Manager, Composer, GRAT.
    • GI2, GCXI, and ICON experience.
  • Experience creating and deploying Rules in GRAT/GRE
  • Experience with deployment of Solution Definitions via GAX
  • Familiarity with the following tools:
    • Git for source/version control
    • Devops
    • udeploy
    • jenkins
    • Agile
    • Jira
    • Bitbucket
    • confluence
  • Ability to audit the current routing strategy and make suggestions to reduce complexity, increase efficiency, and also to develop new features and tackle user stories as they are assigned.
  • Comfort with analyzing logs including ORS, URS, TServer, SIP Server, etc.
  • Ability to troubleshoot call flows and infrastructure configurations to find root cause for issues such as calls disconnecting, calls arriving to the incorrect agent or queue, etc.
  • Team player with excellent communication skills – we work very closely with our Product Owners, Business Analysts, and certainly, our QA team.
  • Ability to brainstorm and communicate technology ideas and issues to technical and business teams
  • Requires excellent communication skills, analytical ability, strong judgment and management skills, and the ability to work effectively with IT and Business management up to C-level.
  • Must have experience with Linux/Unix OS
  • Must have working knowledge of Oracle DBs


Nice to Haves:

  • SME level knowledge of Genesys call center applications and advance level of Voice and Multi-Channel routing using Composer with extensive knowledge of SCXML for Genesys Orchestration Server and Rules Engine. Experience supporting the following:
  • SME level knowledge of Genesys Framework 8.5, Genesys Administrator/Extensions 8.5 for administrating applications, agents, voice announcements and routing objects
  • SME level knowledge of Genesys inbound Voice (SIP 8.1) with Genesys TServer supporting Avaya TSAPI based Agents
  • SME level knowledge of Genesys Reporting via Genesy Pulse and ICON/InfoMart 8.5 for delivery of data to Genesys Integrative Insights & Custom Web applications
  • SME level knowledge ofGenesys Platform SDK including TLIB, Configuration and Statistic including creating custom statistics for delivery of data to internal Genesys application and external destinations.
  • SME level knowledge ofGplus Adapter for Aspect WFM 6.x
  • SME level knowledge ofGenesys Mobile Services integrated with Inbound Voice Routing and Mobile applications for Callback functionality
  • Knowledge of voice networks including switching, messaging, signaling, call routing strategies, CTI, and T-server operation.
  • Experience with Avaya Session and Communication Managers.
  • Support integration with Avaya Experience Portal for Self Service
  • Understand business requirements and be able to design the logic of routing application taking into consideration all the needs including reporting
  • Strong Troubleshooting Capabilities at Tier 3 level or beyond
  • Should have familiarity with SIP media gateways and Oracle Session Border Controllers.
  • Experience with WebSphere