Job Details

Position : Pharmacist Job Position

Compounding and dispensing medications, as prescribed by physicians.

Monitoring customers’ drug therapies, advising interventions, and informing customers of any potential side effects.

Instructing customers on how and when to take prescribed medications.

Conducting health and wellness screenings.

Providing immunizations, and other medical services, such as taking blood pressure, temperature measurements, and checking blood sugar levels.

Keeping accurate customer records.

Ensuring a safe and clean working environment.

Completing operational requirements of the pharmacy, including verifying order entries, maintaining records of controlled substances, charges, and removing expired and/or damaged drugs from the pharmacy’s inventory.

Graduate of an accredited College of Pharmacy with a Bachelor of Pharmacy or Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Licensure as a Registered Pharmacist in the State of Montana

Continuing Education must by completed as required by the Montana State Board of Pharmacy