Job Details

Position : Azure Architect (Independent Contractors Only)

Azure Architect
Contract / CTH
Independent Contractors Only

Top Must-Have Skills:

- Enterprise SCale -Hub & Spoke
- Management of Azure in Linux via cli, sdk, and terraform
- Operationalization of Azure at scale
- MultiCloud experience

Candidate Requirements:
- Large Cloud installations from scratch is a plus
- Multi-Cloud is a plus
- Operationalization, automation, and management of EA Portal via code
- Deliver a full Microsoft Enterprise Scale Hub and Spoke layout in terraform not ARM, where
traffic routes through Fortinet firewalls.
- Deploy a scalable skeleton framework to automate & operationalization of the following
resources in Terraform
o Azure Backup
o Azure Bastion
o Azure Container Registry
o Azure Defender
o Azure DNS with BlueCat DNS
o Azure Endpoint
o Azure ExpressRoute Direct
o Azure Firewall
o Azure Functions
o Azure Key Vault
o Azure Linux and Windows Virtual Machines
o Azure Load Balancer (standard)
o Azure Log Analytics
o Azure Private Link
o Azure Policy
o Azure Site Recovery
o Azure Storage Accounts
o Azure SQL
o Azure VPN Gateway
- Management Groups + RBAC
- Resource Groups + RBAC
- Subscription Management + RBAC
- Templates for the creation of
o Linux VMs
o Windows VMs
- Setup PNC up for successful Day 2 Operations w/o an Integrator
- Full GitOps / AzOps processes, including branching, tree and repo structure inside a git svn -
- Alerting, Monitoring, and Logging for services listed above
- JIT access for operations and security personnel
- Governance
o Azure Policy
o RBAC on subscriptions, management groups, and resource groups
- Framework for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud workloads.
Degrees/Certifications/Years of Overall Experience Required:
- Bachelor's degree in computer science, software engineering or relevant field required.
- 8+ years of experience required, 3+ in Azure/Cloud experience