Job Details

Position : Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Must be an Oregon Licensed CNA.

Informs anesthesiologist and/or surgeon of changes in patient’s condition.

Provides anesthesia induction, maintenance, emergence, and post anesthesia care.

Inserts invasive line catheter/devices.

Performs tracheal intubation and extubation, airway management.

Provides mechanical ventilation.

Performs venous and arterial punctures.

Obtains blood samples. Performs and manages regional anesthetic.

Manages patient’s fluid, blood, electrolyte and acid base balance.

Provides perianesthetic invasive and non-invasive monitoring utilizing current standards and techniques.

Responds to abnormal findings with corrective action.

Recognizes and treats cardiac dysrhythmias through use of perianesthetic electrocardiogram monitoring.

Evaluates patient response during emergence from anesthesia. Institutes pharmacological or supportive treatment to insure adequacy of patient recovery from anesthesia and adjuvant drugs.

Provides post anesthesia follow-up, report, and evaluation of patient’s response to anesthesia and for potential anesthetic complication.