Job Details

Position : Ultrasound Technologist

Explaining the ultrasound procedure to patients, answering their questions, and providing support.

Spreading the ultrasound gel on the surface of patients' bodies over the internal area to be imaged.

Programming and adjusting the scanner for the specific procedure and ensuring the transducer captures images from every angle or section as needed.

Deciding which still images, or sonograms, to capture and present to the Physician for diagnostic purposes.

Evaluating the images for quality and interpreting the images to assist the Physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.

2+ years of current Ultrasound Tech experience.

ARDMS with OB/GYN and ABDOM Certification.

OB and Breast Ultrasound Experience (Must be able to perform breast, venous, transvaginal gyn and OB)

Previous travel experience.

MediTech experience.