Job Details

Position : Enovia Developer

Dassault Enovia

3DEXPERIENCE Platform experience is a must

Mobile platforms like Android or iOS

Experience Level 10+ years


Project Summary            

8+ years of experience developing applications or middleware for mobile platforms like Android or iOS

   Object-oriented software development experience with a solid grasp of algorithms and data structures

o   Experience working with large code bases, developing entirely new code and maintaining existing code

o   Knowledge of Android components, framework and architecture (such as Apps, Multimedia, BT V4, USB, NFC, Wi-Fi and Projection, CarPlay, Speech, ScreenCasting, OpenMax, GStreamer, etc.)

o   Knowledge of test development and testing of embedded system firmware

o   Knowledge and experience about embedded LAN and Ethernet

o   Software platform development experience, such as Linux and Android platform

o   Commercial software development experience in C, C++, Java

o   Familiar with AGL and Android development toolkit and process

o   Experience of Scrum/Agile software development process

o   Ability to perform diagnostic and investigation based on limited information

o   Creative, discipline, strong sense of responsibility, delivery and schedule commitment

o   High level of oral and written communication skills

o   High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively in a geographically dispersed team

o   Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent field

o   Working experience with Mobile Platforms/Services and Apps, CarPlay, and Android Auto

o   Working experience of Android component

o   Working experience in firmware development

o   Experience in developing automotive infotainment solutions