Job Details

Position : Echo Technologist

Prepares for examinations by checking equipment, taking inventory of supplies, replenishing stock as needed, reviewing physician orders and patient schedules, readying recording equipment and inputting patient information.

Manages patient stress by patiently explaining exam procedures, answering questions and providing ambulatory assistance.

Positions patients, applies medical gels and electrodes, connects and adjusts equipment and verifies wave signals.

Produces high-quality imaging by accurately positioning transducer, monitoring display, listening to signals, adjusting beam strength and focus, detecting artifacts that mimic abnormalities, and recording images.

Records examination details by printing data and graphics, producing measurements of heart wall, chamber size, and blood flow direction and velocity and comparing measurements to established norms.

Observes all safety policies and protocols for patient protection.

Maintains patient confidence and protects operations by following established procedures to safeguard confidential information and advising others regarding possible breaches.