Job Details

Position : Emergency Room Nurse


This position requires at a minimum one weekend per month and one holiday rotation.

Typically, the rotations are every 3rd weekend and every other holiday; however, the assignee's facility policy will define required rotations

Responsible for maintaining care standards in the emergency room.

Able to assess patients quickly, prioritize, and assist in minor procedures.

Manage patient check-in process, performance of triage work for doctors, and assisting with initial insurance paperwork.

Communicate with doctors and patients to keep everyone updated on test results and treatment recommendations.

Collaborate with laboratory personnel and report lab findings back to ER doctors.

Assist in the care of traumas, cardiac arrests, strokes, sexual assaults and conscious sedations.

Demonstration of sound decision-making in emergency scenarios based on patient conditions such as vital signs, patient presentation, and assessments.

Provide RN care for all ER patients, as well as handling of intubations, defibrillations, auto transfusions, Medlock insertions, splinting, and more.