Job Details

Position : Infection Control Nurse

Work within the multi-disciplinary infection control committee, lead and coordinate the work to support the development of long terms infection prevention and controlled strategies and annual infection prevention and control program.

ICN should implement the policy and procedure laid down in infection manual in all area of hospital.

ICN will monitor and evaluate the impact of the infection prevention and control strategies and working practices.

ICN will lead the program of infection prevention in hospital premises as per national and regional guideline and documented. Also update it annually with updating of guidelines.

ICN should identify and take appropriate action to control the outbreak infection and documented.

ICN should over see the delivery of effective infection prevention and control education program.

ICN should monitor service delivery system of organization to implement, Quality, Infection prevention practices using multi disciplinary approach to empower staff and challenge poor practices and behavior which compromises patient care.

ICN should coordinate with head of organization committee member and nursing superintendent to lay-down the strategies on infection prevention and control guideline and implement it in organization.

ICN should coordinate the committee member and set strategies and operational meetings internally and externally for infection prevention issues.

Bachelor of Science in nursing.