Job Details

Position : Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

New grads are accepted.

SNF experience preferred.

Will be working in COVID positive unit.

Rehab Optima Experience Preferred.


Any patient going through physical, mental, developmental, or emotional difficulties is treated by occupational therapy assistants. They set up treatment plans for such patients to help them recover from their problems using rehabilitation.

Interrogate their clients to know about their issues, go through their medical records and history, and make patients’ goals clear in order to provide them the best results.

These professionals guide physically disabled people and teach mobility-enhancing exercises to them. In addition to this, OTAs also make their patients aware of the appropriate ways of getting into a wheelchair from the bed, and how to stretch their affected limbs and muscles with ease.

They plan mental development activities for the patients going through any mental disorder.

While working with children, they plan to play games with them that improve hand-eye coordination.

They may apply braces to the patients, schedule their appointments, answer their calls, prepare and clean treatment areas and equipment.

Also, occupational therapy assistants teach the patients to dress, bathe, and feed themselves without much stress.

OTAs analyze the patients’ activities and record all the details regarding their improvement or degradation.

Keep a record of bills of services provided to the client.