Job Details

Position : Infection Prevention and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Act as the organisation’s expert and clinical lead for infection prevention and control, providing expert advice to clinicians, managers and other staff to manage infectious outbreaks and other untoward incidents.

Review, develop and implement a strategy and policies for Infection Prevention and Control across the organisation. This will include operational frameworks, measurable objectives and mitigation of organisational risks ensuring compliance with the Health Act 2012 and the Care Quality Commission 5 domains of care.

Responsible for providing infection control and prevention input in the procurement of specialist equipment.

Provide expert input in the management of SLAs, such as Decontamination and Occupational Health where applicable.

Support the case management of decontamination regimes for patients discharged from the hospital with a HCAI.

Provide expert advice on equipment decontamination issues and work closely with the Theatre Manager to support comprehensive Decontamination audits.

Ensure delivery of an annual programme of infection control audits, advising on the use of suitable audit tools for local audits and regularly undertaking major audits using appropriate research tools, analysing and evaluating the outcomes and ensuring change in practice as required. Validation audits to be carried out monthly to ensure the quality of audit results

Lead on the monitoring of the incidence of health-related infection, management of outbreaks, investigation of hazardous practice, complaints and Serious Untoward Incidents relating to infection control. Carry out regular root cause analysis of agreed infection e.g. Deep infections, MRSA bacteraemia, CDiff, and develop action plans and recommendations.

Lead on the interpretation of national policy relating to infection prevention and control, which will be adapted to local level and monitor the implementation of these policies.

Work in partnership with NHS England, Sponsors, Commissioners and other partner organisations for the prevention and control of infection and management of communicable infections.

Work in partnership with NHS England, Commissioners, stakeholders, other agencies and organisations to identify gaps in service and interventions in relation to infection prevention and control, and in identifying trends in infection diseases.

Participate in the planning for Emergency and Major Incidents for the hospital.