Job Details

Position : Infection Control Nurse

Have responsibility for the monitoring, surveillance, the investigation, prevention and control of Hospital Acquired Infections.

Investigate outbreaks of infection both in the hospice and community settings with particular reference to their source and mode of spread. Report outbreaks to relevant department.

Advise on isolation techniques and supporting line managers in supervising the implementation of such techniques in specific situations.

Evaluate regularly prevention control of infection measures in specific situations with a view to advising on continuous improvement.

Advise Nursing management of individual patients with infectious conditions.

Explain laboratory reports relevant to the prevention/control of infection to nursing staff.

Collect relevant clinical and epidemiological data to assist the infection control team.

Act as specialist advisor to all nursing staff and other hospice staff where relevant in matters relating to infection prevention/control.

Advise Medical/Nursing personnel regarding patient placement to minimise the spread of infection and the implementation of agreed guidelines in their specific areas.

Participate in infection prevention/control and hygiene audits and complete reports against agreed guidelines.