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Position : Obstetrics Nurse

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OB-GYN nurses who are assigned in the office perform a wide variety of duties that depends on the size of staff in an office and the doctor’s field of specialization. Typical duties may include taking patient’s vital signs, getting patient’s medical history, recording concerns or symptoms and providing assistance regarding the patient’s queries and concerns.

Nurses in OB-GYNE assist on procedures in medical testing such as STD and pregnancy testing. OB-GYN nurses are responsible in supporting the physician’s work by taking medical histories to their patient and helping in educating patients about health concerns, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and pre-natal care.

OB-GYN nurses also take specimens and samples in order to assist in various gynecological exams as well as delivering babies.

There are also time when an OB-GYN nurse delivers babies solely whenever the baby arrives before the doctor reaches to the hospital.