Job Details

Position : Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Rehab Optima Experience Preferred.

Helps occupational therapy clients by providing rehabilitative services to persons with mental, physical, emotional, or developmental impairments.

Provides services under the direction of licensed occupational therapist.

Verifies client information by interviewing client, reviewing and recording medical history, confirming purpose of treatment.

Helps clients improve their quality of life by helping them compensate for limitations, such as, helping injured workers improve their motor skills and re-enter the labor force, and teaching persons with learning disabilities to prepare meals or to use public transportation and increase their independence.

Follows treatment plan developed in collaboration with occupational therapist by teaching techniques, such as, the proper method of moving from a bed into a wheelchair, and the best ways to stretch and limber muscles.

Monitors activities to make sure they are performed correctly and provides encouragement, bringing treatment that is not having the intended effect to the attention of the therapist.

Maintains patient occupational therapy records by recording client’s progress for use by the occupational therapist.