Job Details

Position : Dialysis nurse

Graduate of accredited professional school of nursing.

Prefer at least one year of general nursing experience and prefer at least 6 months dialysis experience.

Sufficient experience to demonstrate ability to accept responsibility as a Dialysis staff RN.

Current Montana License (COVID- RN License)  as a Registered Nurse.

BLS certification required. Nephrology nursing certification is preferred (CNN or CDN).

Checking and recording patients’ vitals before, during, and after dialysis treatment.

Ensuring that hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis treatments are administered to patients correctly.

Monitoring patients during dialysis treatment to identify any adverse reactions.

Preparing and updating nursing care plans.

Promptly notifying the appropriate medical practitioner of any problems that occur during dialysis treatments.

Working with the Dialysis Technicians to ensure that dialysis machines and equipment are set up correctly.

Teaching patients and their family members how to operate home dialysis machines should they decide on home dialysis therapy.

Educating patients on dialysis treatment options, kidney disease management, as well as suitable nutrition and exercise regimens.