Job Details

Position : Cardiac Progressive Care

Candidate will be placed in the Progressive Care Unit with the floating assignments to the Cardiac Intervention Unit. Candidate may also be placed in the field hospital, Med Surg, or surge capacity units if necessary based on the need of the organization. 

PCU is a 48-bed intermediate care unit with an average daily census of 44 patients.

Studying patients' charts, medication regimens, and test results upon admittance to the progressive care unit.

Tracking routine vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, and pulse oximetry measurements.

Interpreting measurements from specialized medical equipment.

Monitoring and administering prescribed medication, as well as performing titration of drug doses.

Performing diagnostic assessments on changes in measurements, as well as designated interventions.

Reporting deteriorating conditions to healthcare specialists and following intervention instructions.

Updating and maintaining ward charts, patient files, and medical records.

Overseeing Progressive Care Unit nursing assistants and support staff.

Explaining treatments and procedures to patients and their families, as well as answering questions.