Job Details

Position : Speech Therapist

30 Hour Guarantee

14 Day Notice

Skilled Nursing/Acute Experience 

Active State License

All HealthPRO-Heritage travelers will be required to produce a negative COVID 19 test until further notice.

Assessing, diagnosing, screening, and preventing language, speech, and swallowing disorders.

Communicating with the patient, and liaising with their family members, physicians, and teachers to design effective treatment plans.

Using tried and tested therapies in combination with new, innovative techniques to provide the best care.

Keeping up-to-date with advancements in the field by attending conferences, conducting research, and expanding professional and academic networks.

Educating patients and their families on speech disorders and available therapies.

Taking detailed notes on patient history and progress.

Providing mentoring and workshops to speech therapy students.

Evaluating patient progress and implementing changes to therapy programs as required.