Job Details

Position : Advanced Nurse Practitioner-Psychiatric

The Psychiatric Midlevel Practitioner provides a wide range of mental health treatments including medication management. 

This position requires active and collaborative working relationships with the Psychiatrist, as well as other behavioral health and medical providers. 

The Midlevel Practitioner often serves as a liaison between behavioral health and medical care, to ensure effective communication and continuity of care.  

Difficult clinical decisions regarding complex and critical patient care issues will regularly involve the Midlevel Practitioner in potentially stressful working conditions. 

The Midlevel Practitioner will serve clients with persistent and chronic mental illness, which may involve interventions to ensure the safety of the client and community.

This position is largely conducted independently with consultation and support from the behavioral health team, particularly during crisis situations.  

 The Midlevel Practitioner demonstrates respect and care within a framework of culturally competent communication.