Job Details

Position : Civil Site Foreman

 Supervise and manage crew, motivating them to complete projects on schedule.

Ensures that the crew complies with site rules and regulations while monitoring their work quality.

Collaborate with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders to ensure all aspects of the project proceed as planned.

Read blueprints and construction plans, maintain equipment, and manage paperwork.

Work on the project site alongside the crew.

Supervise construction efforts to ensure projects are constructed according to specifications, within budget, on schedule, with the appropriate people and equipment while ensuring the safety of workforce

Plan, coordinate, and supervise on-site functions and provide scheduling (equipment and people), and material control in order to make sure project objectives are met

Provide direction to crew members, and subcontractors to ensure productivity, efficient use of materials and equipment, and contractual performance of the projects are met

Interface with all on-site work teams (including subcontractors) as required, to resolve problems, ensure quality and safety

Assist project management in developing and implementing project procedures, working documents, and standards to ensure project goals are achieved

Comply, understand, and support corporate safety initiatives to ensure a safe work environment