Job Details

Position : Obstetrics Nurse

Participates in nursing and organizational policy formation and decision -making.

Maintains records and reports and collects statistics for administrative and regulatory purposes.

 Assumes accountability for all services/care provided in the department

Takes a strategic approach to identifying problems and opportunities and setting priorities

Aligns people with the organization’s strategic and operational objectives.

Adopts new approaches when circumstances demand it

Clarifies services requirements and expectations

Identifies emerging needs and proactively acts to address them Actively participates in community health education or serves on boards/advisory committees as part of the social accountability program.

Determines staffing needs, work methods and performance standards to ensure adequate and appropriate coverage to meet operational needs.

Assumes responsibility for staffing/scheduling personnel reflecting appropriate utilization of personnel according to the flexible staffing model.

Assure staff input into staffing plan on annual basis

HPPD is consistently at benchmark; any variances are assessed and justified

Maintains equipment, reports and resolves problems promptly

Achieves annual budgetary goals, with emphasis on efficient use of personnel and resources.

Cultivates a positive work environment

Gives frequent constructive feedback

Participates in recruitment, selection and retention of personnel

Turnover rate remains below national benchmark

Monitors the job performance of each employee and conducts annual performance appraisals, on time at 100% rate

Facilitates orientation and in-service training for department staff to promote professional growth

Assists staff in developing goals and objectives for individual growth and development including certification to meet current and future department needs

Mentors staff in the areas of conflict resolution, problem solving and customer relations