Job Details

Position : Interim Director of Surgical Services

Assumes the responsibility of Operating Room RN in addition to Supervisor duties.

Coordinates surgery/diagnostic procedure scheduling and notification of personnel and patients.

Makes dismissal follow-up calls and/or delegates this function.

Assigns, schedules and formally evaluates the work of subordinates.

Monitors equipment condition and routine stock levels, evaluates new medical supplies and

equipment, implements approved supplies and equipment, and ensures necessary staff education and understanding of correct application of the same.

Evaluates and recommends the need for purchase of new equipment and supplies.

Ensures assigned employees’ knowledge and competency are maintained and developed through attendance at appropriate in-service educational programs.

Prepares reports on incidents, events, patient data and information.

Serves as a resource person for the department and other employees.

Serves as a liaison between physicians, physicians and staff, and staff members.

Works with Quality Assurance Coordinator in quality-related problems and studies.

Supervises and coordinates Central Sterilization staff.

Assumes role of any other surgical staff position as needed.

·         Demonstrates familiarity with facility and department infection control policies.

·         Maintains confidentiality of patients, department and hospital.

·         Has a clear understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and develops and follows department policies and procedures to maintain compliance.

·         Develops annual department budget, marketing plan, and monthly stats.

·         Works effectively as a team member within the facility to provide quality service to hospital departments through communication, cooperation, and collaboration.

·         Interviews, evaluates and hires employees using established guidelines and hospital policies and procedures.

·         Orients employees to department and facility.

·         Trains, develops, supervises and evaluates staff to meet requirements set forth in department plan.

·         Maintains staff records.

·         Plans and coordinates area work schedule to ensure proper staffing.

·         Expands job-related knowledge and skills to improve and adjust to change.

·         Develops and participates in departmental CQI.


·         Develops and follows policies and procedures to contribute to the efficiency of the Surgical Department.

·         Attends scheduled inservices that pertain to the hospital as a whole or to the Surgical Department.

·         Performs other related duties as needed in order to support the achievement of department goals and objectives.

·         Performs any other duties as may be assigned.

·         Completes required continuous training and education, including department specific requirements.