Job Details

Position : Radiologic Technologist CT Technologist

Responsible for the care and safety of patients undergoing treatment and use of equipment to minimize hazards of electric shock, burns and extraneous radiation to patients.

Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.

Determines most suitable anatomical posture and positions and shields patients accordingly.

Able to assess patient pain interfering with imaging procedure - makes appropriate physician contact for intervention.

Performs highest quality imaging consistent with prescribed examination; documents and deviation.

Understands and practices proper use of all equipment; never operates equipment inconsistent with manufacturer's instruction.

Provides care appropriate to condition and age of the patient, including pediatric, geriatric and general population.

Practices medical and surgical aseptic procedures. Shall at all times work under the direction of the Radiologist.

Performs all quality control checks, as prescribed. Maintains accurate QC logs, service records, etc.

Identifies daily activities and schedule to participate in positive workflow and patient services

Assists with general department clerical duties, responding to phones, maintaining office supplies, maintaining workflow.

Assist in minor equipment repairs and maintenance.

Takes on-call duty according to monthly schedule after the closing of the regular department hours.

Performs other duties as assigned.