Job Details

Position : Lab Technician

Performs routine and special laboratory tests per request of licensed physicians and other healthcare providers.

Recognizes test inconsistencies and takes appropriate corrective action. Provides assistance to laboratory co-workers in resolution of similar problems. Documents any corrective action and problematic symptoms.

Reports critical test results to healthcare providers and nurses immediately and according to established criteria.

Prepares legible test reports. Initials and dates own work performed. Reviews reports for clerical accuracy and clinical indications.

Performs quality-control tests within a designated area

Runs quality control tests according to procedure and maintains appropriate data recording.

Analyzes quality control data and takes appropriate corrective action when results are outside acceptable limits. Provides assistance to laboratory co-workers in resolution of similar problems. Documents corrective actions taken.

Does not report patient results until out of control situations are resolved. 

Reports unresolved situations to the Laboratory Manager, or when appropriate, to the physicians, other healthcare providers or nursing staff.

Performs preventive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Observes and follows department preventative maintenance schedules.

Documents all instrument checks, preventative maintenance, routine problems, and corrective action taken.

Recognizes, analyzes, and takes corrective action to resolve instrument/clinical problems. 

Provides assistance to laboratory co-workers in the resolution of similar problems. 

Seeks help from the Laboratory manager or other appropriate personnel as required.

Reports unresolved instrument/clinical problems to the Laboratory Manager.

Provides in-service training as delegated to other laboratory personnel.

Provides instruction in laboratory bench procedures, instrument/clinical troubleshooting techniques, and clinical application of test results.

Writes new procedures under the guidance of the Laboratory Manager.

Shift:  Day/evening Time