Job Details

Position : MRI Technologist

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologist, also known as a radiologic technologist, administers image scans on patients to produce quality images of designated areas of the body.

They operate an MRI scanner, which takes several cross-sectional scans and combines them into one to form a 3-dimensional image that assists doctors in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

This position involves direct contact with patients, including interviewing them, explaining the scanning process and positioning them on the examining table. Some MRI technologists give patients intravenous injections of gadolinium, a contrast agent that increases visibility of internal body areas.

Assists in organizing, directing, coordinating the functions/activities of the Radiology department.  Performs all types of radiologic procedures in all sections of the facility.

Reviews department policies, procedures, manuals, job descriptions, etc. at least annually and ensures that these policies/procedures in the radiology department are current with applicable regulations and standards.

Ensures that radiologic procedures are performed according to prioritized needs, i.e. emergency, ASAP, or routine, recognizing life threatening test results and reporting these results to the appropriate parties immediately.

Maintains proper records regarding all radiologic procedures.

Assists in training of other departmental personnel.

Performs the collection of appropriate data in a timely and accurate manner.  Responsible for calculation and recording results of tests, standards and controls; is responsible for determining validity of test performed and an adequate quality assurance program.

Able to function independently, have personal integrity, flexibility, and the ability to work effectively with support personnel and agencies.

Attends meeting as required and takes an active role, when requested, on committees and works well with peers on joint projects.

Willingness to work beyond normal working hours, and to work the required hours needed to effectively run the Radiology Department. 

Treats others (Department employees, hospital staff, patients, visitors, etc.)in a fair and caring manner and helps create an environment of teamwork that results in a quality patient care facility.

Requisitions, controls, and maintains an adequate level of required Radiology supplies and equipment.