Job Details


Repair Furnaces

Repair AC units

Install and fix thermostats

Swap out compressors

Swap out control wiring that is faulty

ZERO NEW INSTALLS  - we need a service tech wo fixes Heating Ventilation and air condition units.

All HVAC SERVICE techs are required to actually repair the HVAC systems. 

In addition, they do generate leads for the sales team IF there is an old unit in the house that is at the end of its life. 

What that means is NOT selling. 

It means to suggest to the homeowner that it make be more beneficial to get a new unit vs waiting money on an old unit that is likely to break again soon.  

After they make the suggestion; IF it applies, they give the lead to a sales rep and the sales rep takes it from there. 

Our HVAC techs don’t close deals for new systems they just uncover opportunities because they are the ones at the house and can see if a new system is warranted when they are on a service call.