Job Details

Position : Cardiovascular Operating Room Nurse

Responsible and accountable for direct patient care for assigned patients in the perioperative unit and providing leadership within the nursing team.

Responsible and accountable for the care given to the patient and for the decision regarding which nursing tasks can be safely delegated to licensed and unlicensed persons involved in patient care.

Must be proficient in a wide variety of high level nursing skills.

Responsible for adhering to all standards of nursing care and promoting a team effort among co-workers.

Spends eight hours or more in front of computer, monitor or similar screen utilizing keyboard and/or mouse.

Must be able to respond quickly in emergency situations of CPR and obtaining equipment.

Must be able to handle critical and highly stressful situations with efficiency and composure. 

Has a keen sense of hearing and keen visual acuity to respond to critical changing patient situations from actual observations and/or equipment alarm