Job Details

Position : Operating Room Nurse

0700-1500 with call for surgery

Participates and implements age specific care and interaction.

Employee has attended departmental orientation (training) and annual inservice education for age specific training. Implements age specific training.

Collaborates with the healthcare team (RN, LPN, NA, Physician and ancillary disciplines) in the assessment of the patient/family.

Performs a head-to-toe assessment on all patients and reassessments as per policy. This includes: pediatric, geriatric and the patient population.

Adequately assesses and reassesses pain. Utilizes appropriate pain management techniques.

Interprets data about the patient’s status in order to identify each patient’s age specific needs and provide care needed by the patient group.

Collaborates with the healthcare team to develop a plan of care to meet the physiological, spiritual, emotional, mental, social and developmental needs of the patient.

Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity. Identifies and addresses psychosocial, cultural, ethnic and religious/spiritual needs of patients and their families.

Acts appropriately to address requests for additional resources or issue resolution.

Identifies and addresses psychosocial needs of patients and family.

Formulates a teaching plan based upon identified learning needs and evaluates effectiveness of learning. Family is included in teaching, as appropriate.

Interacts professionally with patient/family and involves patient/family in the formation of the plan of care.

Consults other departments as appropriate to provide for an interdisciplinary approach to the patient’s needs.

Coordinates and supervises patient care as necessary.

Collaborates with the healthcare team in the implementation of the patient’s plan of care.

Demonstrates knowledge of the principles of growth and development over the life span and the skills necessary to provide age appropriate care to the patient population served.

Performs patient care responsibilities considering needs specific to the standard of care for patient’s age and clinical condition.

Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.

Demonstrates an ability to be flexible, organized and function under stressful situations.

Demonstrates an ability to assist physicians with procedures and performs services requiring technical and manual skills.

Demonstrates ability to perform treatments and provide services within scope of practice.

Administers medications accurately and safely.

Knows medications and their correct administration based on age of the patient and their clinical condition.

Follows the five medication rights and reduces the potential for medication errors.

Accurately and consistently evaluates patient/family responses to interventions to determine the patient’s progress and revise the plan of care.

Revises plan of care as indicated by the patient’s response to treatment and evaluate overall plan daily for effectiveness.

Educates the patient and family regarding pain management.

Communicates (verbal and written) effectively, accurately and professionally with patient/family and all members of the healthcare team.

Communicates appropriately and clearly to patient, family, co-workers, physicians and nursing supervisors.

Documents to current standards and policies.

Communicates with health care team members regarding both in hospital and post-discharge needs.

Appropriately utilizes available technology to facilitate communication and enhance patient safety.

Participates in the education/development of staff and students.

Facilitates the orientation of new employees and professional development of members of the healthcare team by providing instruction and demonstration of skills, principles and practice of nursing.

Fosters healthy relationships with students and faculty.

Complies with professional requirements, organizational and departmental policies and procedures.

Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.

Uses computerized punch time system correctly.

Completes work within designated time.

Completes annual educational requirements and monthly inservices in a timely fashion.

Adheres to dress code.

Wears identification badge while on duty.

Attends at least 75% of staff meetings annually. Reads all monthly staff meeting minutes.

Actively participates in performance improvement.

Participates in Magnet Recognition preparation activities.

Legally complies with all regulatory agencies including, but not limited to, the Oklahoma Nurse Practice Act.