Job Details

Position : Interim Lab Director


Responsible for overall operation and administration of laboratory in conjunction with the Laboratory Director and Hospital Administrator.

Consults with and keeps the Hospital Administrator and Laboratory Director informed of activities, needs, and problems of the laboratory.

Consults with the medical staff and other health care providers on matters relating to laboratory services.

Assists the Laboratory Director in responsibilities as delegated.

Ensures testing systems provide quality laboratory services for all aspects of test performance.

Provides laboratory personnel with an appropriate and safe working environment for testing.

Ensures that the laboratory is enrolled in a CLIA approved proficiency testing program.

Ensures that appropriate test verification quality control, and quality assurance programs are established.

 Ensures acceptable levels of analytical performance of each test system.

 Responsible for compliance with HCFA personnel regulations.

 Reviews, updates, and have all laboratory procedures and policy manuals signed on an annual basis by the laboratory Director.

 Responsible for the performance of the following fiscal duties.

Prepares the department budgets (operating, equipment personnel, and capital expenditures) and submits them to the Administrator for approval.

Monitors revenue and expense reports on a monthly basis and accounts for variances.

Reviews and updates all laboratory charges and procedural codes on an annual basis or more frequently if required.

Performs costs analyses on equipment and reagent purchases, rental agreements, leasing contracts, and service contracts.

Directs inventory control and prepares an inventory report on an annual basis.

Assures adequate quantities of laboratory supplies and proper functioning of equipment.

Directs purchasing of laboratory supplies and equipment.