Job Details

Position : Certified Surgical Technician

Strives to maintain quality patient care.

Provides individual care of operative patients in cooperation with and support of the RN.

OR Techs are present to augment, not replace care provided by the RN. Higher levels of care are to be given by the RN.

Provides support with clerical responsibilities, such as putting charges in.

Observes aseptic techniques in preparing for and assisting with surgical procedures.

Sets up operating room with instruments and supplies which vary according to type of operation performed.

Arranges instruments and provides and assists Circulating Nurse with the sponge, needle, instrument, and sharp count.

Anticipates surgeon’s needs, such as instruments, sponges, sutures, and suction tubes; and places them in hand in such a manner that surgeon need not divert attention from operative field.

Assists in observing patient during surgical procedures for complications

After each case, will clean instruments to be reprocessed and will ready the room for the next case.

Orders and restocks supplies. Makes sure rooms have adequate supplies

Monthly cleaning. Document per QA reports.

Checks outdates in OR

When OR duties are complete, assumes CS Tech role.