Job Details

Position : Surgical Tech

The Surgical Technician (Surg Tech) functions as a part of the surgical healthcare team, providing technical support to surgeons,

RN’s, and anesthetist in the operating room setting.

He/she works under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. During the operation the SurgTech arranges supplies and instruments, keeping an accurate count of the latter at all times; passes instruments and other sterile supplies to the surgeon during the operation; helps apply dressings, and helps prepare and preserve specimens taken for testing. In the Sterile Processing area, the Surg Tech will operate the sterilizers and run the various testing to validate and verify sterilization of surgical instruments and supplies.

The Surg Tech will be responsible for cleaning and decontamination of surgical instruments following their use in surgery after regular hours, and checking instruments before and after cases for proper working condition and sterility.