Job Details

Position : Sleep Lab Tech

  • Regularly read and respond to BDH organizational Email.
  • Share your constructive ideas with co-workers, supervisors and Manager.
  • Individually responsible for renewal of all required certifications (CPR, ACLS etc.) as well as Licensure as required. Realize that required license and certifications if not renewed on time will result in your not being eligible for work.
  • Completion of Mandatory Net Learning and department competencies on time.
  • Share this with your supervisor or manager; they are obligated to help you in this process.
  • If you find you are unable to work to influence your environment in a positive proactive manner, do yourself and your team a favor and consider another path.
  • If you find yourself unable to participate on your team with a positive, constructive and helpful attitude, ask yourself; Is this the right fit for me?
  • You are responsible to know what is expected of you, if you do not then ask.
  • If you do not know what is expected of you as it pertains to your job, talk with your co-workers, supervisor or manager.
  • Take a role in updating it so that we all know what is expected of us.
  • Review this with your supervisor or manager at least once per year.
  • Know what is in your job description.
  • If one of your team commits to you and does not follow through, gently remind them.
  • Hold each other and your supervisor and manager accountable.
  • We are smarter and more efficient as a team.
  • Realize that the answer may not always be yes but that there is an equal expectation that your ideas are heard and considered.
  • Take ownership in helping to improve your work environment.
  • Communications from your supervisor, manager or HR must be responded to if required.\
  • Maintain a positive attitude and Commitment to Co-Workers as outlined in the Commitment to My Co-Workers pamphlet.
  • You are responsible to be familiar with this document.
  • If you need one ask your manager.
  • Be timely and responsible in regards to clocking in and out in your area.
  • Know the requirements for the area you are working in.
  • If you do not, please ask.Attendance at all mandatory department meetings with the exception of previously planned and approved vacation time, sick leave or family emergency.
  • Actively participate in the team you are on.Share your constructive ideas with co-workers, supervisors and Manager.