Job Details

Position : Respiratory Therapist

Assists in assuring continuity of quality respiratory care. The therapist is called on to use their knowledge to assess patients and assists in developing appropriate care plans. Respiratory staff will address adverse reactions to therapy or medications.

Staff will address all patient respiratory needs including respiratory distress or failure and utilize skills, initiative and independent judgement to assist in critical situations.

Authorized to accept verbal and telephone orders from physicians for respiratory care. Responsible to assure that quality respiratory care is delivered to all patients as per orders and/or schedule.

Staff performs all aspects of Respiratory Care in accordance to department policies and procedures.

Respiratory staff may be required to go on patient transports, in house, as well as, to other facilities. Staff may plan and provide Respiratory Care in-service programs to hospital staff as needed.

Staff must be flexible with their schedule and may be required to work variable shifts, weekends and holidays.

Respiratory staff adheres to the professional standards of the National Board for Respiratory Care