Job Details

Position : RN ICU

Must possess the skills and abilities to engage in the nursing process including but not limited to the assessment, nursing analysis, planning, nursing intervention and evaluation in the promotion and maintenance of the patient's health across the continuum of life. 

Must have the skills needed to supervise and delegate appropriate functions to subordinate personnel. 

Must have the skills/abilities to evaluate and ensure that the medical plan of care is carried out. Must have the educational, physical and mental capabilities to perform procedures common to their nursing unit.

Collects Comprehensive data pertinent to the patient’s health or the situation (Assessment)

Collects data in a systematic and ongoing process.

Involves the patient, family and other healthcare providers in data collection

Prioritizes data collection activities based on the patient’s immediate condition, or anticipated needs of the patient or situation

Uses evidence-based assessment techniques in collecting pertinent data

Uses problem solving thinking

Synthesizes available data, information and knowledge relevant to the situation to identify patterns and variances