Job Details

Position : Patient Renal Care Technician

The Renal Patient Care Technician is responsible for the safe delivery of hemodialysis treatments in the chronic setting.
Implements dialysis treatment according to medical orders under supervision of R.N.
Assists the interdisciplinary care team in providing for meeting the emotional needs of patients and families as they confront the psychological impact of chronic dialysis. Encourages patient’s development of realistic attitudes and goals by understanding of his disease.
Participates in the development, implementation and evaluation of patient care plans.
Identifies patient and family educational needs, assists the nurse in the distribution of educational information to patient and significant others about renal disease, prescribed treatment, and the medical regimen and their impact on patient’s state of health and well-being.
Assists the nurse with providing follow-up prescribed care as appropriate to support self and home care.
Initiates and performs emergency medical treatments, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation for cardiac/pulmonary emergencies, and any other related emergency duties such as emergency boxes.
Remains cognizant of costs and the need to provide care that maintains quality while minimizing wastage.
Rinses, primes, and positions all appropriate equipment, attaches and installs all required tubing, prepares fluid delivery system and fluid bath, calibrates and checks alarms, sets monitors, and performs system check as required for optimum safety and dialysis.
Assembles all necessary supplies and equipment at bedside in a timely fashion.
Obtains and records required pre-dialysis information (i.e., weight, blood pressure standing and sitting, pulse, respiration and temperature). Communicates with the patient about concerns they may have and/or symptoms they are experiencing, and determines condition of the vascular access).
Proceeds with the treatment plan based on pre-dialysis information under supervision of licensed staff.
Obtains blood samples and other specimens as ordered.
Initiates and discontinues dialysis utilizing an established vascular access including administration of intradermal anesthetic as needed.
Under supervision of the nurse, monitors and appropriately intervenes in accordance with changes in the patient’s condition to ensure optimum dialysis.
Reports all medical changes to the Nurse in a timely manner.
Charts and documents all pertinent data in the medical record in an appropriate and timely manner.
Under the supervision of the nurse, administers intravenous normal saline as prescribed by set policies.
Cleans and dresses access sites and wounds using appropriate aseptic techniques to minimize infection.