Job Details

Position : PACU- RN

Promotes the SEARHC Seven Standards of Excellence; sets priorities for care of patients based on acuity and/or patients’ preference; anticipates potential problems; adapts to change on the area by setting priorities for emergencies, changes in patient status and unusual occurrences; initiates, manages, and documents the nursing procedures consistent with scientific principle and departmental policy;

Observes interviews and assesses surgery patients during perioperative phase. Initiates treatments, medications, emergency and resuscitative measures based on appropriate utilization of physicians' pre- and post-op orders, standing orders and post anesthesia protocol.

Administers therapeutic measures as prescribed by the anesthesiologist, anesthetist or surgeon. Records observations, nursing interventions, therapeutic measures, and other data relevant to surgical patients in a accurate, efficient and timely manner.  

Collaborates with members of the surgical and multidisciplinary teams in assessing, planning and implementing surgical intervention in management of patient’s peri-operative health care.

Initiates action to reduce, correct, or prevent immediate, ongoing, or potential risks to the patient; facilitates healing by providing nursing care that is individualized, goal oriented, based on scientific principles and the nursing process; seeks out resources when beyond the scope of skill, knowledge or experience; explains test, procedures, and disease process to patient/significant others; communicates and interacts with patient/significant others in a positive and supportive way; takes steps to decrease stress and/or increase effectiveness of coping mechanisms of patient/significant others; Operates and monitors specialized perioperative equipment.  

Demonstrates use of autoclaves, flash and washer sterilizer, ultrasound washers, Hi vac and gravity autoclave glucometer and Steris. Demonstrate knowledge and skills in dealing with expectant mother/baby care for c-sections.