Job Details


Evaluates patient level of function for communication and gross hearing for speech and/or cognitive- linguistic or swallowing efficiency.  Assists interdisciplinary team in determining the patient's specific abilities and disabilities.  Modifies and adapts the treatment plan according to reassessment and progresses the patient's treatment towards the highest functional level.  Assesses the patient on an on-going basis for subjective and objective response to the treatment program based on evaluative procedures.

Develops a plan for care in conjunction with physicians, interdisciplinary team members and the patient and family addressing needs which include: receptive and expressive language skills, cognition, speech production, voice disorders, laryngeal speech, fluency, dysphagia, and, but not limited to, augmentative communication.

Implements the treatment in accordance with the evaluation and treatment plan.

Instructs the patient, family, and interdisciplinary team concerning the speech therapy program.

Maintains records and reports in accordance with agency policy.  Keeps accurate and up to date records and attend interdisciplinary meetings to update the plan of care when working with a hospice patient.

Provides education, in-services and information to hospice personnel regarding speech/ language pathology, as appropriate.

Coordinates treatment activity with other disciplines and team members which includes participation in clinical staffing and provides/seeks input to/from others on patient care.  Knowledgeable of the IRF-PAI, MDS and FIM processes and OMBRA regulations.