Job Details

Position : Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse will treat each resident with kindness, dignity and respect.

They will knock before entering each resident’s room.

They will refer to each resident by their name.

They will be courteous to families and visitors.

They will maintain a positive and calm disposition.

They will communicate clearly, empathetically, and effectively when speaking to residents, family members, visitors, staff and any governmental agency personnel.

They will make sound independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.

They will work cooperatively with all departments and multidisciplinary teams.

They will demonstrate patience, initiative and willingness to assist residents that may be difficult.

They will relate all pertinent information concerning a resident’s condition to a charge nurse when required. They will be committed to always doing the right thing. 

Some of the duties include:

Planning, Directing, and Evaluating the Nursing Department

Working closely with DSD and scheduler to meet daily PPD

Providing compassionate care (meds and treatments as needed) to the residents

Assisting with Admissions

Completing medical forms, like TARS

Rounding alone and with doctors

Reviewing and responding to medical records audits