Job Details

Position : Medical Observation RN

We care for a diverse adult population that may include trauma, neurological, neurosurgical, respiratory, general surgery, and bariatrics.

We have 10 semi-private and 10 private rooms.

Our current delivery model is primary nursing through the use of RNs, LPNs and Nursing Assistants.

Our ratios tend to be 1:4 or 1:5 nurse-patient ratio.

Assignments and staffing are re-evaluated on a 4-hour basis.

We do Interdisciplinary Team Rounds on dayshift as well as “Team Huddles” on each shift. 

Someone that can problem-solve quickly, detail-oriented, and is willing to be part of a team atmosphere.

This person should have strong assessment skills, clinical skills, and is able to work with LPNs and NAs in a professional manner that also promotes interdepartmental growth and cooperation.

Finally, this person should have ambition, enthusiasm, Independent, flexible and honesty.