Job Details

Position : Emergency Room Nurse

Accept telephone calls from patients with varying levels of acuity and types of medical concerns

Promote clear and coherent verbal communication following an appropriate line of questioning

Assess clients based on the patient’s own evaluation, concerns, and responses to questions.

Determine the necessary follow-up for medical diagnoses and symptoms over the phone.

Provide clear patient information, thorough patient education, and recommendations for the next steps to take.

Provide telephone instruction in first aid skills for minor to severe injuries or medical situations.

Provide routine clinical advice when asked utilize protocols and nursing judgement and consulting with ED physician or specialist if needed.

Utilize telemedicine systems to facilitate and coordinate care between sites and emergency room physicians. 

Carry out patient assessments, diagnoses, planning, and implementation of interventions, evaluating the patients’ responses to the interventions including emotional, social and safety needs

Perform various patient tests and administer medications as prescribed by the physician

Triage, prioritize, and assist in the stabilization, resuscitation, crisis intervention and/or emergency preparedness of the consumer

Perform other duties as assigned