Job Details

Position : Administrative Lab Director

Assist with the selection, scheduling, training, performance management and discipline of laboratory staff.  Instill passion in staff for NSHC’s mission, vision, and values, paying particular attention to the maintenance of a safe and productive work environment

Demonstrate personal initiative and accountability while overseeing the department's operations and budget.  Forecast needs, allocate resources and/or take corrective action as necessary

Assist in the oversight of staff to ensure that the proper testing is ordered, resulted and that there are no ambiguities in the physician’s order. Director should recommend appropriate order changes to physician when necessary and ensure patient information is accurate and timely

Assist in the monitoring of cost containment measures in ordering and maintaining laboratory supply stock and inventory 

Assist in monitoring the Electronic Health Record and Laboratory Information System and assist in the development of policies and procedures

Contribute to the development, implementation, and annual review of policies and procedures 

Participate in meetings to assist in the areas of quality assurance, quality improvement, strategic planning, and clinical education

Attend NSHC medical staff meetings, Community Medical Emergency(CME)/Emergency Operations Planning(EOP) planning meetings, and Safety and Security (SEOCC) meetings

Facilitate communication with the medical staff, other clinical departments and NSHC Administration when necessary

Mentor Laboratory Leadership to develop competency skills for on-going certification and licensure appropriate for specific departments 

Be available to participate as needed during Laboratory and Hospital Accreditation Inspections and surveys by agencies including but not limited to: The Joint Commission, COLA, CMS, CLIA, HRSA, and others as necessary.

Act as delegate for Proficiency Testing review director for all departments except Immunohematology (or others as designated requiring a Technical Consultant)

Perform other duties as assigned