Job Details

Position : Respiratory Therapist

This position will be responsible for caring for all patients in our facility. That could mean COVID positive patients*

Administers respiratory therapy treatments, understand the purpose of each and the possible side effects associated with each.

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the differences in techniques and treatment modalities as performed on patients of varying ages.

Demonstrates ability to assess patient, his/her need, and ability to tolerate treatment and reassessment for response to treatment.

Formulates a teaching plan based on identified learning needs of a patient and evaluates effectiveness of the plan.  Patient's family is included in teaching as appropriate.

Adheres to dress code, appearance is neat and clean and wears identification while on duty.

Performs all duties as outlined in the "shift responsibilities" section for the shift that the therapist works.

Reports to work on time and as scheduled, completes work within designated time.

Performs all aspects of patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety and reduces the likelihood of medical/health care errors.

Completes annual education requirements and maintains regulatory requirements.

Attends staff meetings, is responsible for information presented at monthly meetings that he/she is unable to attend