Job Details

Position : MRI - Tech

Performs proper screenings for contraindications to MRI, CT and/or contrast media and other medications.

Research implantable medical devices as appropriate for contraindication to MRI

Verifies patient identification and the procedure requested or prescribed.

Verifies patient’s pregnancy status

Assesses patient risk for allergic reaction to medication prior to administration

Reviews lab values prior to medication administration.

Explains effects and potential side effects of medications.

Administer IV and Oral contrast 

Monitors patient for reaction to medication

Determines the need for and selects supplies, accessory equipment, shielding, and positioning and immobilization devices.

Selects proper coils for MRI

Provides an accurate explanation and instructions regarding exams and procedures. Addresses questions and concerns regarding exams and procedures.

Educates the patient about the risks and benefits of radiation or MRI

Positions patient for anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.

Performs QA on images and ensures proper transfer to PACS while electronically completing the exam in a timely manner.

Selects appropriate CT radiation exposure factors using the principles of ALARA.

Employs proper radiation safety practices using ALARA and utilizes lead protective devices appropriately

Employs MRI safety practices for safe patient scanning

Controls access to radiation exposure areas and appropriate access to MRI Zones.

Obtains and prepares supplies, medication and equipment for sterile and specialized interventional procedures. Use sterile or aseptic technique when indicated.

Performs procedural timeout

Complies with all federal, state, local and regulatory agency requirements.