Job Details

Position : Certified Wound Care Nurse

Initiates assessment, planning and implementation of care to patients with ostomies, draining wounds, fistulas, pressure ulcers, acute and/or chronic wounds. Provides comprehensive care and teaching to patients and their families/significant others regarding the evaluation, selection, and recommendation of supplies and equipment in order to provide optimal wound and ostomy care. Assesses and identifies the needs of each ostomy/wound patient, utilizing the following pertinent information: direct observation, examination and the medical record/EHR. Implements the nursing and medical care plans through utilization of safe and therapeutically effective interventions. Assumes a leadership role in the implementation of nursing practices that promote continuous quality improvement and desirable patient outcomes. Develops standards of care and assists in the formulation and evaluation of procedures, protocols and policies related to wound/ostomy patient care. Provides guidance to staff to identify, control or eliminate etiologic factors for skin breakdown, including selection of appropriate support surface. Assists staff to maintain current knowledge and competence in the areas of skin, wound, and ostomy management through orientation, regularly scheduled in-service programs, and review of policies and procedures according to national guidelines. Provides follow-up for patients with ostomies and wound care through outpatient clinic visits and/or phone consults and initiates appropriate referrals for medical or surgical intervention. Instructs and demonstrates to patient and/or significant other correct procedures in wound/ostomy management and care as related to stomas, appliances, irrigation techniques, peristomal skin care, etc. Analyzes stock items and recommends appropriate additions and deletions to assure quality and cost-effectiveness of products used for ostomy and wound care. Keeps current in area of expertise by participating in professional programs and organizations. Participates in quality/performance improvement projects in area of expertise and serves on various hospital-wide committees as requested. Manages the Wound Clinic operations and program development with maintenance of records and statistics and submits reports as requested. Other duties as assigned.