Job Details

Position : Respiratory Therapist

Evaluates patient status, assesses, and assigns therapy objectives.

Determines requirements for treatment such as type and duration of therapy, medication, and dosages.

Determines most suitable method of administering treatments, precautions to be observed, and modifications which may be needed that will be compatible with physician's orders.

Sets up and operates equipment such as mechanical ventilators, CPAP or BIPAP machines, oxygen tanks, etc.

Monitors patient's physiological responses to therapy.

Educates patients. Performs ventilator management, airway management, and responds to Code 55 pages.

Performs stat, emergent procedures as necessary.

Performs pulmonary function screens.

Observes equipment function and adjusts equipment to obtain optimum results to therapy. Consults with physician in event of adverse reactions.

Documents in patient's chart pertinent information related to treatment given.

Inspects and tests respiratory therapy equipment to ensure equipment is functioning safely and efficiently.

Orders repairs when needed.

Demonstrates respiratory care procedures to trainees and other health care personnel.