Job Details

Position : Pathology Assistant

Strong knowledge of hospital practices and surgical terminology

Must possess and maintain advanced knowledge of anatomy, anatomic pathology, and medical terminology

Knowledge of and adherence to hazardous chemical handling, bio-hazardous materials, and universal precautions

Must understand and adhere to company/department policies and procedures

Must demonstrate proficiency in advances gross dissection and dictation of complex surgical specimens

Must demonstrate aptitude to assist in training and support grossing personnel at all levels

Must possess office and computer skills

Must possess disposition to tolerate proximity to and handling of human organs and tissues specimens

Must possess ability to use touch-screen computers in multiple capacities

Must communicate respectfully and professionally in oral and written communication. Must interact respectfully and professionally with others. Fluency in English required.

Must effectively prioritize and organize responsibilities and multi-task

Must collaborate with others to ensure that work processes and work flow meet organizational requirements

Must effectively identify and solve technical problems and issues

Must wear required personal protective equipment (i.e. lab coat, eye protection, gloves, etc.)

Must maintain the appropriate levels of confidentiality required to protect client/patient privacy and proprietary organizational information