Job Details

Position : Manager - Rehab Services

Implements and complies with policies regarding the patient admission policy, patient care policy, patient record policy, and Medicare policies.

Complies with monthly, random chart audits for each treating Physical Therapist. Reviews the audit s findings with the treating Physical Therapist.

Manages a safe clinic environment by implementing and assuming responsibility for compliance with OSHA regulations. Complies with Lincoln County Medical Center and Presbyterian Healthcare Services policies and procedures, credo, purpose, and beliefs.

Implements a team approach for the delivery of health care services to patients, effectively utilizing all available staff resources to ensure a spirit of cooperation.

Ensures that all staff requiring licensure or certification possess active and current license. Recruits staff with expertise to meet clinic objectives and complement current staff skills.

Reviews monthly financial reports for budget variances and modifies operational marketing and staff resources to meet financial goals.

Reviews department s schedule and coordinates Physical Therapist staffing pattern to deliver care according to the volume of patients.

Monitors and schedules staff ratios according to company standards and volume of patients.

Accurately assesses capital needs in terms of repair, replacement, and new equipment to maintain and improve quality and efficiency of therapeutic care<B