Job Details

Position : Physical Therapist Assistant

The Home Health Physical Therapist Assitant aids in the care and safety of patients.

Prepares equipment for patient treatments as requested by the Physical Therapist, to relieve the Physical Therapist to perform his/her professional duties.

Assists the Physical Therapist in selected procedures, according to the Physical Therapist's directions / Plan of Care, by checking patient and equipment during treatment for both comfort and safety; to aid in patient care in the department/facility.

Treats patients of all ages (e.g., infants, children, adolescents, adults, geriatrics, elderly, ages 0-120 years), races, creeds, genders, and disabilities without bias or prejudice.

Responsible for bookkeeping procedures and charting of their assigned area, assuring confidentiality of all records.

Trains under the supervision of the Physical Therapist, to perform certain physical therapy treatments.

This position is one of considerable responsibility. Performs other duties as requested or assigned.